SYNOPSIS: Javier and Valeria have been looking for a child for years, but it never comes. One day Camila, one of Javier’s co-workers, appears to tell him that she is pregnant with his baby. Javier is trapped in a conflict that tests his values, his sense of responsibility and, as the days go by, his relationship indeed, his entire existence starts to fall apart.

YEAR: 2023

DURATION: 97 min.

DIRECTOR: Ariel Rotter

SCRIPT: Ariel Rotter – Federico Pinto

EDITOR: Federico Rotstein

CINEMATOGRAPHER: Guillermo “Bill” Nieto

PRODUCER: Juan Pablo Miller

CAST: Alfonso Tort (Javier), Julieta Zylberberg (Valeria), Norman Briski (padre Javier), Susana Pampin (Nuria Palau), Romina Paula (Camila), Walter Jakob (Diego), Maria Villar (Julieta), Julian Larquier (Damián)

AWARDS: Winner of Prix Du Jury & Prix du meilleur acteur; Alfonso Tort – Festival Biarritz Ameriqué Latine 2023