Sueño Florianópolis

Synopsis: An Argentine family travels to Brazil. Inside the car, Lucrecia and Pedro (psychologists) and their two teenage children. Lucrecia and Pedro have been, for a few months, “technically separated” (that’s how they define their status) after decades of marriage. Pedro and Lucrecia feel the need to vacation together. Marco, the Brazilian who rents his summer house to the family, Larissa, his ex-girlfriend, and César – Marco’s son – become friends with the Argentine family. Marco promotes enjoyment of the present and short-life awareness. Attracted by Marco, Lucrecia lives a sexual adventure with him. Pedro, dazed, discovers Larissa’s charms and spends time with her. He wants to take advantage of his days with the Brazilian, before she travels to São Paulo and the summer is over. On the beaches, between waves, cantobar and water rides, cross romances are born and an attraction that also splashes on the children of both. The children take the opportunity to live their experiences, and everything becomes a little more tangled.

Director: Ana Katz

Country: Argentina

Year: 2018

Genre: Comedy/ Drama

Duration: 106 minutes