Los miembros de la familia

Synopsis: Lucas (17) and Gilda (20) travel to a small coastal town to try to fulfill the last wish of their recently deceased mother: to deposit her remains in the sea. Unfortunately, the only “remainder” they have is her prosthetic hand, although as Gilda says “it doesn’t matter, as long as we get rid of it.” Ready to go home, a national transport strike leaves them stranded in town. Lucas, obsessed with bodybuilding and contact fights, finds fertile land on the coast to explore his sexuality and the limits of his body. Gilda, still affected by her recent stay in a rehabilitation center and obsessed with her “bad energy “She tests countless therapies and divination methods to try to find some meaning in the world around her. Trapped in limbo, they must confront the empty space left by their mother’s suicide, at the same time that they say goodbye to their adolescence and They face the ambiguity of life, death and fitness.

Director: Mateo Bendesky

Country: Argentina

Year: 2019

Genre: Drama/ Comedia

Duration: 82 minutos