Las Vegas

Synopsis: Martín and Laura are just over thirty-five years old. When they were teenagers they had a son, Pablo, who is now eighteen. Coincidentally, Laura, Pablo and Martín meet at Villa Gesell -in the same building- to spend a few days of vacation by the sea at the beginning of the summer. This trip will be the opportunity for Martín and Laura not only to fall in love again but also to recognize each other as Pablo’s parents. Las Vegas is a comedy about the passage of time and memories of the past, but also about the idea of ​​growth and recognition of adulthood. It is a reflection of what it means to be a parent and what it is to be a child, it is a look at the future as a territory of infinite possibilities.

Director: Juan Villegas

Country: Argentina

Year: 2018

Genre: Comedy

Duration: 75 minutes